Seoul Circuit: 2024 Events

Dive into Seoul Circuit: A series of exclusive, intimate gatherings designed for the Korea Pro community, connecting you with key opinion leaders, journalists, and experts on South Korean affairs.

Upcoming Events in July & August 2024:

Meet the Journalists

Join us for an engaging panel discussion as we delve into some of the underreported aspects of South Korean society, exploring topics from discrimination and social divides to environmental concerns and press freedom challenges.

Freelance journalist Raphael Rashid and Ifang Bremer from NK News/KOREA PRO, who have extensive experience in in-depth investigative coverage, will share their unique insights on these topics and what they’ve learned from their own reporting experiences.

This event will offer a comprehensive look at the nuanced issues facing South Korea today, providing a platform for deeper understanding and dialogue.

Venue: Blumetz Gwanghwamun
Date & Time: July 25, 18.30 - 20.30
Limited to THIRTY spaces only

Dinner with Ramon Pacheco Pardo

Relations between South Korea and Europe have never been as strong. The EU, NATO and a growing number of European countries see South Korea as a key economic, security and diplomatic partner.

What are the key drivers behind these burgeoning ties? Which are the key areas for cooperation? And what obstacles prevent deeper ties between the two sides?

Ramon Pacheco Pardo will share his insight on the factors driving the closer relations between South Korea and Europe, highlighting the strategic, economic, and cultural dimensions of their partnership. Additionally, the challenges and obstacles that could hinder further integration, including geopolitical tensions, differing regulatory frameworks, and the complexities of aligning diverse national interests, will also be discussed.

Venue: O Tigelle, Noksapyeong
Date & Time: Aug 14, 18.30 - 20.30

Limited to THIRTY spaces only

Understanding the Problems and Pressures in South Korea's Education System

Experts often highlight the significant role of educational pressure in South Korea as a major factor contributing to the country's low birth rate. The speakers, who have extensive experience as both consumers and former professionals within the South Korean education industry, will examine the structure of the Korean public and private education systems, identify inherent problems, and discuss their impact on South Korea's youth, as well as the considerable financial strain they impose on parents.

The discussion will extend to how the widely-held perception of education as a zero-sum competition shapes and affects Korean adults and the job market, with many jobs and the preparation required for job interviews in Korea often mirroring the studying habits developed during their formative years, as well as potential solutions. Join the discussion.

Venue: Sanwoolim Restaurant, Gugi Dong
Date & Time: Aug 29, 18.30 - 20.30
Limited to THIRTY spaces only

Our Previous Events:

Meet the Journalists

Join us for a timely panel discussion on South Korea’s demographic challenges, particularly in light of the Yoon Suk-yeol administration's recent initiatives to establish a dedicated ministry to address the low birthrate issue.

Journalists Sujin Chun from JoongAng Ilbo and Hanul Kim, formerly of Arirang, will offer their insights as women and professionals in Seoul, evaluating the effectiveness of government policies and the cultural and societal shifts needed to tackle these challenges.

Venue: Sanulrim Restaurant, Gugi Dong
Date & Time: June 27, 18.30 - 20.30

Limited to THIRTY spaces only

Exploring ROK-LATAM Relations

Join us for an engaging evening as we explore the increasingly important relationship between Latin America and South Korea. As global economic and political landscapes continue to shift, both regions are repositioning themselves to expand and diversify their supply chains to protect their national interests. Understanding the complexities of their interactions is crucial for anyone involved in economic security and diplomacy.

Our speaker, David Yang, a former ROK diplomat in Chile and current lawyer at a prestigious law firm, will share his insights on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Venue: El Cubito, Gwanghwamun
Date & Time: July 4, 18.30 - 20.30
Limited to TWENTY spaces only

April 12: Journalist dinner (Jem Kim + Jeongmin Kim)

Join us for a dinner with Jem Kim, a contributing analyst at Korea Pro and former business reporter and editor at The Korea Herald, along with Jeongmin Kim of Korea Pro.

This timely discussion, which will take place just two days after the ROK's general elections, will focus on the election's impact on key legislation that will affect businesses here in the coming years.

Venue: Sanulrim Restaurant, Gugi Dong

Limited to THIRTY spaces only

May 2: Dinner with Ankit Panda

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the future of the US-ROK alliance with distinguished expert Ankit Panda. This exclusive event offers a unique opportunity to delve into critical issues shaping the bilateral relations between the United States and South Korea.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how current geopolitical developments are influencing US-ROK cooperation, as the US approaches a pivotal presidential election in November.

Venue: O Tigelle, Noksapyeong

Limited to TWENTY spaces only

May 9: Dinner with Brian Davis

Join us for a dinner with Brian Davis, who has been based on-and-off in Korea since 1988.

Davis will share insights about the role of USFK, its role and relationship with the ROK government, and his personal take on how the country and changed and where it may be headed.

Event is taking place on an off-the-record basis.

Venue: Crystal Jade Gwanghwamun Shanghai Palace
Limited to TWENTY spaces only

March 21: Journalist dinner (Washington Post / Munwha Ilbo)

Korea Pro hosts Michelle Lee of the Washington Post and Bo-Young Shin from the Munwha Ilbo for a conversation on South Korea's political-economic outlook.

Venue: Sanulrim Restaurant, Gugidong
Limited to TWENTY spaces only

March 28: Dinner with Eric John (Boeing)

KRG CEO Chad O'Carroll hosts a dinner with Boeing President for Korea, Eric John, who will discuss his long history in the country and offer a take on where things may be headed in the world of business and geopolitics.

Venue: Boccalino, Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul
Limited to SEVEN spaces only

March 30: Jeju Hike:
Mount Halla

Korea Risk Group partners with Haja Korean to offer a one-day hiking trip to Jeju. Fly early from Seoul on Sat. 30m hike up Mount Hallasan, then enjoy dinner. You'll be back later on the same day.

From: Gimpo Airport <> Jeju Airport
Limited to TWELVE spaces only

Feb 8: Dinner with Korea Pro (Jeongmin Kim + John Lee)

Korea Pro Editors Jeongmin Kim and John Lee will be hosted by KRG founder Chad O'Carroll for an informal conversation on key contemporary South Korean political, economic and social issues.

Venue: Boccalino, Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul
Limited to SEVEN spaces only

Feb 29: Journalist dinner
(FT / Economist)

Korea Pro hosts Christian Davies of the Financial Times and Andrew Knox of the Economist for a conversation on South Korea's political-economic outlook. Includes extended networking time!

Venue: Sanulrim Restaurant, Gugi Dong
Limited to TWENTY spaces only

March 7: Dinner with
Dan Tudor

Korea Pro hosts renowned author on all things Korea, former Economist bureau chief and businessman Dan Tudor. Learn about Dan's interest in Korea and how he see the country evolving in 2024.

Venue: Boccalino, Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul
Limited to SEVEN spaces only

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